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04.14.14 Students Abroad Warned of Foreign Intelligence Threat
College students studying overseas warned of foreign intelligence recruitment threat.

03.07.14 Naval Espionage: Stopping a Dangerous Insider Threat
After 20 years of service, a U.S. sailor aimed to sell top secret information to the Russians.

04.26.13 Soldier Receives 16-Year Sentence for Attempted Espionage
The case of a military police officer who tried to sell classified documents to the Russians.

01.25.13 A Byte Out of History: The Alger Hiss Story
The espionage case of Alger Hiss, who was convicted 63 years ago this month.

11.27.12 Teaching Industry How to Protect Trade Secrets and National Security
Teaching industry how to protect trade secrets and national security.

05.11.12  How to Spot a Possible Insider Threat
Economic espionage is a significant threat to our country’s economic health and security.

12.29.11 The Year in Review, Part 2
A look back at cases, from cyber and hate crimes to public corruption and fraud schemes.

11.17.11 Director Describes New National Security Landscape
Director Mueller lays out challenges posed by terrorists, spies, and hackers.

11.04.11 Counterintelligence National Strategy: A Blueprint for Protecting U.S. Secrets
Our blueprint for preventing and investigating intelligence activities on U.S. soil.

10.31.11 Operation Ghost Stories: Inside the Russian Spy Case
Photos, videos, and documents released in the case of 10 Russian spies arrested in 2010.

08.02.11 Byte Out of History: Communist Agent Tells All
How a Communist Party member in the U.S. became one of the FBI’s greatest Cold War agents.